In 2014-2015 we assisted domestic violence women with Kits, motivational chats & visitations. This year we also included drug addicted women ages 18-50. 

In 2015 a 6 month theatre workshop program is in place for abused orphaned boys, ages 8-17, in a foster home.

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In 2014-2015 these teenage boys are among the group of orphans living in a Foster home. The “theatre workshop” they are engaged in will strengthen their relational and communicative skills along with bettering their attitudes when confronting difficulties. 

Fino Kit’s project began in 2009 helping a group of church kids in St. Kitts. Since then it has slowly developed into different outreaches such as the homeless, nursing homes, seniors, and hospital emergency patients, among others.  

In 2010 volunteers went to Haiti (after the 2010 earthquake) to help as many families as possible living in tents. 

In 2011 in Puerto Rico we Supported the Down Syndrome children, and other projects.

In 2012 we concentrated on sexually abused kids and teenage street walkers. Help us “Fight the Good Fight” and prevent teenagers from becoming sex victims.

In 2013 we started working with foster home children, 6-13 years old girls, and expanded to abused orphans.  A theatre workshop was developed for Teen Challenge which has given rise to a more permanent workshop for children between the ages of 12-19. 


"You and I have the tools of change within us.


Step by step, help us make change a reality.”

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